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We work hard, and we play hard

Our History

GoMedia was born in 2015 out of a simple desire to make time spent on transport better (or as Egor, our Director of Engineering, likes to say "Help passengers fight boredom!"). We believed an improved onboard experience would in turn improve overall customer satisfaction. (A theory that has since been born out to be true across multiple clients.) With an initial focus on offering entertainment services on trains, the timing was right – on-board Wi-Fi was becoming ubiquitous and smartphone ownership was now the norm. 

In February 2016, GoMedia was proud to launch with its first client, Eurostar, and a few months later with Virgin Trains. Since then we have added nine more clients including National Express Coaches and TransPennine Express, and additional services. It was a natural evolution to add information services to our offering to keep passengers up to date on the progress of their current journey and help them plan their onward travel.

A unique focus

Four years on, we still have the same aim that we had at the outset - to make the time spent on the move more enjoyable. After all, most of us spend many hours travelling – perhaps to work each day or longer trips for a weekend break or holiday. So we want that to be time to feel good - whether it’s sitting down to a movie on an inter-city train or checking all is ok on your onward journey during the morning commute - we’re keeping people entertained and informed.

This is all we do. And we are good at it. We work with some of the leading transport brands, content owners and technology providers, have developed our own trusted tech developed specifically for on-board use, have grown rapidly in four years, achieved several ‘firsts’ including the first company to put Amazon Prime on a train. We are ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified and our solutions have won many awards for our clients.

Our People

We’re so proud of our highly talented team. Click on the name to find out what they do, how they travel to work and their favourite movie.
Matt Seaman is the CEO of GoMedia and a big fan of "Pulp Fiction". He comes into Euston on London NorthWestern Railway each day.
Our Managing Director, Roger Matthews, dreams he is Maverick in Top Gun as he commutes on the Thameslink to St Pancras.
Managing Director
Egor is our CTO. He is a big fan of Dead Poets Society and commutes by tube on the Jubilee and Victoria lines.
Annette is our Head of Operations. Her favourite movie is Fools Rush In and she takes the Hammersmith & City line each day.
Head of Operations
Our Business Operations Director, Sam's favourite movie is the Christmas classic Home Alone. She commutes on South Western Railway.
Business Operations Director
Hannah is our Operations Manager. Her favourite movie is Life is Beautiful and catches the bus from North London to the office.
Operations Manager
Etienne is our Digital Designer. His favourite movie is Inside Out and he commutes on the Victoria line.
Digital Designer
Nikki is our Head of Account Management. Her favourite movie is Moulin Rouge and she commutes on the Govia Thameslink to St Pancras.
Head of Account Management
Mark is our Director of Professional Services. He loves Escape to Victory (check out the incredible cast list!) and takes a Southern train to work.
Director of Professional Services
Varsha is our QA Engineer. She loves the move The Intern and she comes to work by Tube.
QA Engineer
Carolina is our Support Executive. She used to be our Team Assistant Apprentice. Her favourite movie is Forest Gump. She takes the London Overground and Victoria lines to Euston.
Support Executive
Piotr is our DevOps Manager and he loves all the Jurassic Park movies. He takes the tube from Andromeda to Euston. So he claims.
DevOps Manager
Alex is our Content Cordinator. He loves Home Alone and and commutes on South Western Railways to Waterloo.
Content Coordinator
Sven is our Business Development Manager. He loves the Godfather trilogy and cycles to and from work. (He has to as he's Dutch.)
Project Manager
Bogdan is our Java BackEnd Engineer. He loves Pulp Fiction and healthily walks 30 minutes to and from work.
Java BackEnd Engineer
Matthew is our Site Reliability Engineer. His favourite movie is The Big Lebowski and he travels by tube to get to work.
Site Reliability Engineer
Alexey is our Delivery Manager in Ukraine. He is a big fan of "Moneyball" and commutes by car.
Delivery Manager
Balazs is our Key Account Manager (and our Friday nights drinks reminder). He loves the movie Snatch. He cycles to work or uses the Underground.
Key Account Manager
Adrienn is our Scrum Master. Her favourite movie is Harry Potter. She commutes to work on the Tube.
Scrum Master
Tetsu is our Managing Director in GoMedia's office in Japan
Managing Director in Japan
Andrei is a Professional Services Engineer. His favourite film is cult classic The Room (so bad it's good) and cycles to work every day.
Professional Services Engineer
Connor is our Professional Services Engineer. He loves Armageddon (1998) and uses Thameslink to come to work.
Professional Services Engineer
Masayuki Iioka
Iioka joined GoMedia's Japanese office as an advisor.
Mark is our Business Development Manager in GoMedia's office in Japan
Business Development Manager in Japan
Iain is our Head of Project Management. He loves the movie The Thirty Nine Steps. He commutes to London by train.
Head of Project Management
Daniel is our Graduate Professional Services Engineer. His favourite movies are Jumanji 1 & 2 and he drives to work.
Graduate Professional Services Engineer
We are often recruiting new talented people to join our team
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Committed to doing things right

We support Railway Children - The UK rail industry has an enviable safety record and safeguarding is a constant concern in the industry. We are proud to support the work the Railway Children does as our nominated charity and some staff even make it out of the office to help in the field.

Our apprenticeship scheme - We are passionate about what we do and want to ensure that there is a line of like-minded (younger) individuals behind us. So, in 2017 we started working with White Hat to begin to funnel in apprentices to learn the ropes and contribute to the transport industry. Meet Carolina our first apprentice...

Why GoMedia?

We have significant expertise that sets us apart

Content experts - we have many years’ experience in TV and broadcast enabling us to deliver world class content from providers who trust our Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution through beautifully designed portals to deliver an excellent user experience.

Proven technology - GoMedia has eleven live clients with all projects delivered on time and an enviable record of reliability.

Only transport - by focusing only on delivering infotainment services to people on the move we have gathered expertise that enables to understand the needs of transport providers and their passengers and developed relationships with partners trusted by the industry.

Fully managed solution - our turnkey solution means minimal impact on our clients so they can get on with the day job.

Our unrivalled content partnerships

With many years’ experience in broadcasting our team has the expertise and relationships that ensures we can tailor a content package that meets your business’ and customers’ needs.

Our existing content partnerships mean we can deploy rapidly – whether it’s premium content from Hollywood studios, ‘taster’ services from the likes of UKTV Play, catch up TV and box sets from ITV or lifestyle documentaries from Vice.

Movie and TV content can be complemented by digital versions of newspapers and magazines as well as games and interactive content.
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