Eurostar passengers to be able to watch virtual fish under the Channel

GoMedia Team

GoMedia is proud to realize with content provider AKQA an ‘immersive and unprecedented’ on-board virtual reality experience this summer for Cross-Channel high speed train operator Eurostar.

Primarily aimed at children and accessed through the on-train entertainment system using a smart device or via headsets which will be available onboard, Eurostar Odyssey will create a virtual glass roof for the train. This will enable passengers to experience a Jules Verne-style adventure exploring a simulated world of fish, mermaids, sunken pirate treasure and a giant octopus.

VR entertainment

‘Travellers still wonder if they can see fish in the Channel Tunnel, and we look forward to turning their dreams into reality’, said Eurostar Commercial Director Nick Mercer.

The virtual reality movie will be available in English, French and Dutch. During peak travel times for families, Eurostar will be distributing special custom-designed VR headsets that passengers will be able to use with their own iPhone or Android smartphones, connected to the Eurostar’s onboard entertainment system.

The current onboard entertainment system, provided by GoMedia, will be available on all Eurostar e320 and e300 trains, to stream over 100 hours of TV shows, films, documentaries, news and games to users’ devices.

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