GoMedia continues onboard infotainment delivery with Avanti Media on Avanti West Coast

Sven Koster

09 December 2019, London: Rail passengers travelling on the new Avanti West Coast mainline will now be able to enjoy an enhanced complimentary on-board entertainment and information service under a new contract between GoMedia and First Trenitalia.

From Sunday 8 December, Hollywood movies such as ‘Blade Runner 2049’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’ will be available via Avanti West Coast’s infotainment platform, Avanti Media. Onboard content can be accessed via the app straight to passengers’ own devices on all Avanti West Coast journeys.

Roger Matthews, managing director at GoMedia, says: “We’re thrilled to work with First Trenitalia as part of the West Coast Partnership, bringing passengers a broad supply of onboard entertainment from blockbuster films, to TV series such as ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Friends’, as well as a host of magazines, newspapers, gaming and children’s content.

“In addition, our Advanced Boarding solution, Avanti Priority, alerts passengers to their platform number and boarding instructions via their mobile phone before this information reaches the customer information system (CIS) boards, reducing travel anxiety and improving the station waiting experience.”

Subhash Mishra, Head of Digital Strategy at First Trenitalia says: “Onboard entertainment and personalised journey information have become a crucial part of travel across the UK’s west coast and we’re delighted to provide an enhanced service to our passengers.

“Our plan is that by 2022, we will introduce a brand-new fleet of 23 electric and bimode intercity trains to replace the Voyagers, completely refurbish the current 56-strong fleet of Pendolino trains and add 263 more train services every week. GoMedia’s platform aligns with our promise to herald a new era of innovative high-speed rail services, continually improving the passenger experience through improved onboard Wi-Fi and a journey packed with entertainment for all ages and tastes.”

Through GoMedia’s partnerships with major studios and media companies passengers travelling on the Avanti West Coast mainline will be able to watch films such as ‘Oceans 8’ and ‘Deadpool 2’, ITV Catchup and UKTV Play programmes including ‘Dara O'Briain's Go 8 Bit’, while also receiving daily news and weather reports.

More than 35 popular newspapers and magazines are available to read through Avanti Media, as well as gaming, documentaries and children’s programming. The line-up available on the platform will be continually updated, giving passengers fresh, new content to enjoy during their journey.

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