Innovating in international rail travel

Our client

Eurostar, the high-speed rail operator connecting the UK and mainland Europe.

Their challenge

For the launch of their new fleet of state-of-the-art e320 trains Eurostar was keen to include a number of innovative features designed to transform the passenger experience. GoMedia helped Eurostar develop one of those innovative features - an interactive on-board entertainment solution.

The solution

Using our unrivalled digital rights management system, we partnered with Eurostar's content service provider, DMD, to deliver an entertainment package featuring films, TV shows, box sets, cartoons, games, digital newspapers and magazines, available in multiple languages.

The cutting-edge on board entertainment system also integrated Google Maps, allowing passengers to track their journey live whilst they travel at high-speed between London and Paris.

Just over a year later working with AKQA we delivered the first on train virtual reality experience allowing children (and the young at heart) to view the sea life that ‘might’ be above them as they travel under the Channel.

We used Eurostar’s existing Wi-Fi and IT infrastructure to deliver the platform through content hosted on-board. This means passengers can stream over the trains’ Wi-Fi network to their personal device through the existing Eurostar app.


Launched February 2016
Passengers icon
10 million passenger journeys per annum
75% rate the onboard entertainment as outstanding or very good
1st on Train Virtual Reality solution in the world
3 Languages - portal is in English, French & Dutch
“GoMedia technology is helping us to enhance the on board experience for Eurostar passengers, by giving them access to a wide range of entertainment through their own personal device. The platform is integrated into our existing app, making it readily available and accessible for all our customers from the moment they step on board.”
Neil Roberts, Head of Digital, Eurostar
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