GoMedia partners with Moses Mobility to provide UK rail passengers with onboard taxi booking service

Sven Koster

London, UK, 15 January 2019: GoMedia is partnering with shared travel specialist Moses Mobility to provide rail passengers with an innovative travel solution.

By integrating Moses Mobility’s on-demand taxi sharing service into GoMedia’s onboard Passenger Information System, travellers will easily be able to book a shared taxi whilst on the train, realising the Mobility-as-a-Service concept for the last mile of a passenger journey. In turn, drivers will receive updates about the train’s expected arrival time.

Roger Matthews, managing director of GoMedia, says: “Giving passengers the option to book shared taxi travel at any time during their journey, safe in the knowledge that their driver will be updated with the latest arrival information, reducing wait times and additional charges, is a major step in delivering the first truly connected rail journey. Shared rides will soon become the norm and we’re excited to be partnering with Moses to be at the fore as this technology evolves and transport planning becomes smarter.”

“The rail operators we’re working with have been impressed by how seamlessly the process helps passengers complete their onward journeys and we’re looking forward to seeing how this evolves.”

Moses has partnered with multiple ride-hailing services, such as Uber and Gett, to offer a journey-matching service that identifies passengers who are travelling to similar destinations and offer them ‘just in time’ shared taxi rides from the station to their end destination. The same technology can also be used during disruption events to help move passengers more simply, reliably and cost effectively.

Terry Yoell, Director of Moses, adds: “Moses wants to break the perception that taxis are a luxury and make them part of everyday travel. Tomorrow’s trains will form the backbone of a larger
Mobility-as-a-Service transport system that relies on fleets of autonomous vehicles for the first and last mile. Sharing these journeys will be essential if we want to reduce travel costs and tackle congestion.”

Moses will be available to passengers through GoMedia’s Passenger Information System in 2019.

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