Meet the team post – Eugene Kharkivskyi

Sven Koster

Eugene Kharkivskyi joined GoMedia in spring 2019 after working for six years in software architecture and development. He has a background in cryptography and blockchain-based technologies, with experience in developing and integrating payment systems. 

In his current role as Lead Software Engineer, Eugene’s team oversee new features for GoMedia’s products, working on active code development and reviews so they continue to meet the needs of our rail, bus and coach operators. 

For Eugene, the best part of his job is his working environment, where a typical week can involve problem solving with his colleagues, topical debates or lunchtime trips to play table football and eat Chinese food.  

Outside of work, Eugene enjoys getting out on his motorcycle and part-time bartending. He believes the best part of any journey is the company you keep and is excited about the potential of super-speed ground travel, including Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. 

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