Eurostar turning 25, Happy Birthday!

Sven Koster

Happy Birthday Eurostar! Today the cross-Channel operator, and one of GoMedia’s very first customers, turns 25. 

Back in 1994, when the first Eurostar train left Waterloo bound for Paris, Oasis and Blur were battling it out in the charts, Nelson Mandela had been elected as South Africa’s first black president and a small book-selling website called Amazon set up shop. 

It was also a year that several cult films first hit our screens. To celebrate Eurostar’s special birthday, passengers can now indulge in a reminder of times gone by with a collection of 1994 movie greats. From the Hugh Grant rom com ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’, to the Quentin Tarantino classic ‘Pulp Fiction’ and the heart-racing Keanu Reeves thriller ‘Speed’, several films that are also 25 this year will now be available through Eurostar’s onboard infotainment service. 

Earlier this year, GoMedia launched a major update across the platform, delivering an even more enjoyable experience for passengers as they travel at high-speed between destinations such as London, Paris, Brussels and Lille. As well as Hollywood films and online games, a range of lifestyle, business and fashion content is also available to enjoy.

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