Revolutionising the passenger experience through back-end solutions

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We live in an age of convenience and if we can’t access what we want, when we want it, then frustration tends to set in. Passengers on public transport are no different; with an increasing demand for on-board Wi-Fi and entertainment systems, it is important to recognise that passengers are seeking a positive experience and not just a journey from A to B.

For many transport operators, patchy Wi-Fi connectivity, significant studio costs for content and the expense of installing personal entertainment units for passengers have long been barriers to success. Yet, in reality, revolutionising the passenger experience is more obtainable than you’d think.

Eurostar infotainmentEurostar, through technology designed and built by us, has provided its customers with a complete transformation of their on-board experience. By connecting a personal device to the free on-board Wi-Fi, passengers can unlock more than 300 hours of popular TV shows and movies, including Poldark, The Last Panthers and An Education. Withnews, games, magazines, a special children’s zone and a real-time location map, the system sets a new benchmark for on-board entertainment in short-haul travel.

This kind of platform also supports a range of advertising and passenger engagement options. Through super-targeted messaging, to ticketing and CRM systems, the platform channels high-value targeted messages through the Virgin Trains app or by SMS.

vuer_iphone_6_whiteAn example of this is the Earlybird Boarding service on Virgin Trains, a system that delivers SMS messages to passengers’ mobile phones, making them aware of any delays or updates. On busy services the SMS messages are staggered, allowing passengers such as senior railcard holders and those travelling with children to board earlier. It uses our Rules Engine, powered by industry standard enterprise software including Java, Drools and Kibana.

A similar strategy was adopted to develop ancillary revenue opportunities on board National Express coaches, through the VUER infotainment software. Partnering with NOW TV, Betfred and Readly, the service displays pre-roll and banner advertisements to passengers connecting to the infotainment system. This is a fantastic opportunity for marketers to access a previously untapped audience, whilst also opening up additional revenue streams for operators.

These are just three examples of how the passenger experience can be improved by making journeys easier and more manageable. Part of our philosophy is to reduce perceived journey times, making a six hour journey feel considerably shorter through high quality content streamed through free on-board infotainment systems. Our industry-leading platforms provide operators with the means to provide passengers with a more relaxing and stress-free experience, boosting overall satisfaction.

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