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The concept of travel has largely stayed the same over the years; passengers board a train, bus or plane and expect to get from one destination to another quickly and in comfort. However, one thing has evolved that has impacted the way we experience travel and it is something the world has become almost dependent on: technology.

Since the advent of mobile phones and laptops, public transport has effectively become an office on-the-go; we can take calls, send emails and draft proposals all whilst making a journey. In recognition of this, and as part of a UK Government initiative, more and more transport operators are providing a free Wi-Fi service to passengers. Whilst we expect to find a connection almost anywhere when we’re out and about, Wi-Fi on public transport can be unreliable. The more passengers there are connected, the weaker the signal, making it virtually impossible to browse just a few seconds of video or load a webpage.

vuer_iphone_6_whiteGoMedia’s solution is to provide on-board infotainment systems which free up Wi-Fi bandwidth on transport, making for a better online experience. We work with transport operators in developing apps that give passengers access to a library of on-board entertainment including movies, boxsets, digital magazines and newspapers. This content is all stored in a locally-hosted server on board, freeing up space for other passengers to browse the internet.

On-board connectivity has a big effect on passenger satisfaction. Two of our current customers, National Express and Virgin Trains, have reported increases in passenger satisfaction since the introduction of their infotainment systems in 2016. One of the bonuses for passengers is that it makes journeys feel shorter.

Technology really has changed the way we experience travel and we can expect significant advances in the coming years.

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