What were passengers watching this spring?

GoMedia Team

This week we’re looking at the most popular content during the spring on-board the operators we supply infotainment packages to.

Comedy has been a big hit this season, with Pitch Perfect 2 coming in as the go-to movie for
passengers. This was closely followed by our selection of action movies, representing a popular
choice to those seeking to take their journey up a gear. The Martian led the way for the sci-fi genre, along with romance and animation titles.

However, passengers using the free on-board entertainment on our commuter lines required
different content than long-distance travellers. Here, the most popular genres were documentaries such as David Attenborough’s Light on Earth, talk shows and news headlines from Sky News and Sky Sports News.

At GoMedia we strive to bring passengers high quality content through our on-board infotainment
systems. Content is downloaded to on-board servers, making for an uninterrupted streaming service once passengers are connected to the free on-board Wi-Fi. Some of our key objectives are to increase passenger satisfaction and to turn dead time into productive time for those travelling with the operators we work with.

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