Personalised information for passenger transport

Empowering passengers with live information on their journey

Seamless delivery of highly relevant information

Arming passengers with personalised information about their current and onward journey empowers and reassures them. Accessible directly from their connected devices up to date information makes for a more enjoyable journey – increasing customer satisfaction.

Your direct channel to passengers - send alerts and updates directly relating to that journey and onboard situation and share notification of upcoming engineering works on that particular route.

Frictionless updates on the current journey - the passenger is a tap away from seeing how their journey is progressing with estimated arrival times along the route. There’s no need to search - it’s automatically available within the web or app experience.

Easy access to live onward journey options - by tapping the stop they are changing or alighting at along the route passengers can call up live departures by rail, bus, tram, air or tube, book a taxi or find out about local events and attractions.

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The benefits

Supports customer satisfaction – Enabling easy onward travel or keeping passengers informed about delays gives them a degree of control and reassurance. Though never good news, if passengers know why delays are happening they are more understanding and less anxious.

Improves brand perception – In a fragmented transport network, being seen to be keeping your passengers informed and own the conversation under your branding is valuable. While passengers are experiencing your service you can, and should, be controlling the message.

Reduces stress and reliance on staff - Consistent, reliable information allows staff to focus on their roles – particularly valuable in times of cancellations and delays

How we work

GoMedia offers a managed service that covers everything end to end.

Tailored solution

We work with you to identify the most appropriate information services and how to present them based on the needs of your business, the specifics of your network and your passengers

Feed integration

Depending on your requirements we work with your feeds and those of Third Parties, ingest them into GoMedia’s internal Fleet Management Tool, which, in turn, is used to support the delivery of information to your vehicles.

Full user experience design

Whether integrating with your app or creating a browser portal, GoMedia takes care of the full design, ensuring it seamlessly reflects your brand.

Delivery to the vehicle

Our system ‘listens’ for updates to the live information over 4G/LTE and delivers it seamlessly to the passenger within the portal.

System monitoring

The health of the onboard information system is monitored and availability feeds are actively monitored to proactively resolve issues.

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Helping with your current journey

GoMedia provides passengers with real-time personalised information about their journey. We are leading the revolution of intelligent, customised information that makes the transition from one mode of transport to another as seamless as possible for travellers.
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Strong industry partnerships

GoMedia works with a multitude of established rail and transport partners to deliver its exceptional products and services:
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