Google ad manager process

For banner ads and video pre-rolls


Transport Company or Advertising Agency

Send Banner Ad Unit tag, include slot size(s)
Confirm where the Banner Ad tags should appear on the portal
Send Ad Unit tag for pre-roll video ads
Confirm where the Pre-roll video ads should be appear on the portal
Deliver 3 weeks before start date to allow for testing

GoMedia Operations

Add Banner Ad Unit tag to staging, test and confirm displaying as expected
Add Pre-roll video Ad Unit tag to staging, test and confirm playing as expected
Deploy to production

Ads positions

Banner ads

Banner ads are usually added to our feed pages. The first one shown after the first two rows, then after every four rows. Banner ads can also be added to the homepage and the detail pages below the synopsis.

Pre-roll video ads

Pre-roll video ads are added before the content video in our video player. Viewing the video is mandatory; the user needs to watch the video until the end.
Roll over the feed pages image example:

Got a question?

Got a question regarding the processing of banner ads?
Got a question regarding design and format of banner ads?