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Entertainment for passenger transport

Helping rail, coach and other transport companies revolutionise their passenger experience with world-class entertainment content, hosted on-board and delivered to passengers’ own connected devices. Video content ranges from Hollywood movies and world class TV, through to the latest news and popular reality TV from the web. This is complemented by digital newspapers and magazines, games and the weather.
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Transport for Wales Personalised Passenger Information

Personalised information for passenger transport

Arming passengers with personalised information about their current and onward journey empowers and reassures passengers to deliver a more enjoyable experience – increasing customer satisfaction. Services range from the ever popular ‘is my train on time?’, to ‘find a restaurant at my destination’ or ‘what platform does my connection leave from at the next station?’
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Accessibility for passenger transport

Helping passengers navigate around the transport network by making the journey more accessible by providing revolutionary innovative digital accessible solutions. From supporting blind and visually impaired people around navigation, to making train announcements more accessible through your own smart device.
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Actionable feedback

Actionable feedback for passenger transport

Giving Public Transport companies the power to understand their customers through live feedback through Vision. It captures live feedback and passes this through GoMedia’s Passenger Information Engine and Sentiment Analysis tools out putting Realtime, Actionable and relevant feedback.
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Make communication on board vehicles easier and more productive than ever. Hold ScreenShare sessions locally on board vehicles to work on documents, give presentations or talk to your friends and family located somewhere else in the vehicle.
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Content expertise & partnerships
Fully managed solution
Proven technology - live with 8 clients
High quality design and user experience
Completely focused on transport
Dedicated to delighting customers
Hollywood studio-approved DRM
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    GoMedia are an impressive partner – they have the know how to help train operators transform their digital experience on board. And they offer us compelling solutions that continue to make a real difference to customers and colleagues.
    Alex Saxton, Product Lead, TransPennine Express
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    We are dedicated to ensuring that our passengers receive the most complete experience possible when travelling with Greyhound. Working with GoMedia means more of our passengers will have the opportunity to enjoy world-class content from leading studios. We are showcasing ourselves as industry innovators, which has been a part of our DNA throughout our long history.
    Todd Koch, VP of Strategy and Business Development, Greyhound Lines, Inc.

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