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World Class Accessibility Solutions for the Public Transport Industry
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A revolution in transport accessibility

Helping rail, coach and other transport companies to make their public transport systems more accessible to the general public through digital services.

WCAG 2.0 compliant solutions

GoMedia delivers fully WCAG 2.0 portal solutions, infotainment solutions that meet the latest accessibility standards.

Strong partnerships

Our strong partnerships will make sure you will get the best solutions tested by industry experts. GoMedia works together with organisations such as the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) and the Royal National Institute of the Deaf (RNID) to create revolutionary transport accessibility solutions.
Transport accessibility apps

Visor: An accessible transport network

Blind and partially-sighted people have difficulty using traditional signage and therefore cannot be fully independent in unfamiliar environments. However by using our solution developed in association with the RNIB and Navilens. Passengers can gain access to our Passenger Information Technology providing real time relevant navigation assistance to users with vision loss through Navilens BIDI codes.

Real time

Real time passenger information.

The fastest

Instantaneous reading and accessing information.


From wheelchair accessible routes, to other personalised customisation options.

Multiple languages

Supporting at least 24 different languages out of the box

Precise distance and orientation

Detect the precise location of a user so you could serve different information dependent on the location.

Beyond accessibility

Information can be anything. From real time station information where screens can’t be installed, to automatically buying a ticket through your phone. Options are endless.

HEAR - Accessible announcements

66% Of people with disabilities struggle to make their journeys independently. GoMedia offers a low-cost software solution that broadcasts onboard announcements to passengers own devices. Developed together with the RNID, this is a perfect alternative to expensive hearing loop systems.


Real time announcements.

Visually and audibly

Messages are delivered through visuals, text and audio.

No additional hardware

GoMedia’s solution works with existing hardware that delivers your Wi-Fi to your passengers.
HEAR mockups

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