How Would You Navigate the World If You Couldn’t See?

Accessibility – when we think of that word in terms of transport, we typically think of a wheelchair user, of someone who needs level boarding or ramps and who needs wheelchair-accessible platforms.

Josephine Cordero Sapién, editor for Railway-News, sat down with Roger Matthews, Managing Director of GoMedia, and Sven Koster, GoMedia Head of Business Development and Innovation, at InnoTrans to learn about a tool to help blind and partially sighted people navigate their way around stations navigate their way around stations, Visor.  

Visor enables blind and partially sighted people to navigate their way around transportation stations and rail platforms – independently, without the need for expensive, fixed infrastructure.  

But accessibility is a much bigger area in need of consideration. 

Think for a moment you are blind or partially sighted. And you want to take the train to visit a friend. You manage to navigate your way to the station, but then what?  

Wayfinding must now be accessible. 

This article first appeared in the Railway-News magazine, Issue 4 2022 Data & Monitoring edition

Read the full interview here – How Would You Navigate the World If You Couldn’t See? 

By GoMedia / Icomera on November 28, 2022