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Actionable Feedback

Actionable, real-time passenger feedback with sentiment analysis

The power of GoMedia Vision

Giving Public Transport companies the power to understand their customers through live feedback through Vision. It captures live feedback and passes this through GoMedia’s Passenger Information Engine and Sentiment Analysis tools out putting Realtime, Actionable and relevant feedback.
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Passenger Information

GoMedia attaches the specific journey information behind every individual piece of feedback. This gives operators the opportunity to analyse feedback by type of train, journey time, journey direction, service or any other metric it has in mind!


Connect with your passengers whilst they are travelling on your network. Get feedback instantly and be able to act on it immediately, we can even implement a two way conversation with passengers whilst they are still on board.

Sentiment analysis

We can automatically analyse free text feedback ad group into themes and sentiment based on our powerful AI sentiment analysis tool. We can even work with you to identify and categorise the severity of potential issues raising them to the attention of the relevant personnel.

The Benefits

Boost customer satisfaction

Stay connected and ask customers for their feedback when it is relevant during their journey. Communicate with them directly and get actionable feedback to improve customer satisfaction.

Reduced customer service costs

Get social media feeds and free form text analysed automatically through our sentiment analysis tool. This will save your customer service team time and give them better insight about trends.

Maximise existing technology investments

GoMedia’s solution is a software service and requires no additional hardware delivering customer-facing services via existing technology you have invested in.

Drives passenger journey growth

A number of our operator have proven that partnering with GoMedia increases the number of passenger journeys through increased satisfaction.
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How we work

GoMedia offers a managed service that covers everything end to end.

Technology integration

We work with your existing Wi-Fi provider and utilise software-based delivery onto existing onboard servers. There is no need for additional hardware. The solution can also be delivered cloud-based if no on-board hardware is available.

API integration

We work with your live journey API’s to reflect the single source of truth and power the feedback with real time journey information.

Full user experience design

Whether integrating with your app or creating a browser portal, GoMedia takes care of the full design, ensuring it seamlessly reflects your brand.

System monitoring

The health of the onboard system across client fleets is actively monitored to resolve issues before they affect the end user.

Accessible reporting

All aspects of feedback are captured at an aggregate level and made available to clients via our online reporting tool.

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GoMedia works with a multitude of established rail and transport partners to deliver its exceptional products and services:
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