Transport for Wales Launches New On-Train Wi-Fi Portal With Real-Time Service Information

Transport for Wales (TfW) has launched a new on-train Wi-Fi portal, developed by Icomera subsidiary GoMedia, which features real-time information and the opportunity for passengers to submit in-journey feedback.

The portal uses industry-leading data sources and GPS mapping to provide expected arrival and departure times, relevant platform numbers, onward travel options, and much more.

The new portal provides up-to-the-minute information showing the train’s location, the next stop, and the service’s destination. Additionally, the portal offers a new feedback form and ‘Share My Train‘: a feature allowing customers to share their live journey information with friends and family by SMS or WhatsApp – ideal for arranging meet-ups.

Teleri Evans, TfW’s Customer Information Strategy Manager, said:

We strive to continuously improve the delivery of customer information on our stations and trains, and meet the requirements of Welsh Language Standards and customers with hearing loss. Our latest work with GoMedia has allowed us to improve the on-train Wi-Fi experience with customers and present bilingual real-time information. The new onboard Wi-Fi portal is fully accessible and meets the Web Accessibility Initiative Level AA.

Our new real-time information portal is our latest step in using data to improve the customer experience on our trains, following increasing the amount of free Wi-Fi data from 25 MB to 50 MB in 2019 and adding charging points to all of our trains. Our brand new trains will also feature full-colour digital screens with bilingual real-time live information for our customers.

Roger Matthews, Managing Director of GoMedia, and Chief Commercial Officer of Icomera said:

We are very pleased to work with Transport for Wales to deliver an engaging and inclusive digital passenger experience. The feedback has been excellent so far with over 80% of passengers saying they were delighted with the overall experience of the real-time information service and appreciated the availability of a two-way communication channel with TfW during their journey.

By GoMedia / Icomera on February 7, 2023